» Transforaminal nerve block > 10000
    » RF Ablation > 3000
    » Trigeminal Neuralgia (pioneer in CT guided RFTC) > 800
    » Ozone Nucleolysis > 250
    » Vertebroplasty > 100
    » Spinal cord stimulator – 35
    » Intrathecal drug delivery system – 30
    » Percutaneous Disc Decompression > 80
    » Transforaminal spine endoscopic discectomy – 350+
    » Percutaneous Endoscopic Cervical discectomy – 10+


Who We are?

    » We are the Pioneers in interventional pain management & Minimally Invasive Spine procedure.
    » Conveniently located in multiple locations in Gujarat and East African countries.
    » Highest experience.

What We Do?

» 1. The Broadest Array of Treatment Options – including nonsurgical options for pain
management, minimally invasive spine procedures, and traditional spine surgery.
» 2. Use the Technologies: The Digital Spine treatment – We use the most advance high-tech
digital equipments includes
 Latest endoscope system
 Endoscopic side-firing laser
 Bipolar radio-frequency devices,
 Endoscopic burr system.
Along with guidance of preoperative, intraoperative and post operative MRI, CT, 3-D C-arm and
navigation system with minimally invasive spinal treatment, which enable us in preserving normal
tissue, easily differentiating regions.
This “The Digital Spine treatment” automatically increase success rate of procedures,
providing safety and accuracy of the treatment.
    » Identification of pain generators and normal structures
» Bloodless spinal treatment
» Less damage/ preservation of normal structures
» Early discharge and rapid recovery to normal activities
» Maximizing success rate of procedures
» Minimizing revision and complication case
» 3. Minimally Invasive Spinal Pain Treatment Clinic – The advanced Step-by-Step spinal pain
treatments developed by Cheers Hospital are stichless, bloodless and minimally invasive.
     We do not think surgery is always the best way to treat the spinal pain patients; we evaluate the
patient conditions first and then provide step-by-step treatments for conserving normal disc tissue
and other adjacent structures.
1st STEP   Conservative Treatment:
Medicines, physical therapy, lifestyle modifications
2nd STEP   Interventional pain management procedures:
Epidural injections / neuroplasty- Racz procedure
Radiofrequency ablation
Percutenous disc decompression / Disc Fx
3rd STEP   Transforaminal/ Interlaminar Endoscopic Disc Treatment:
Stichless – Awake disc procedure under local anaesthesia
4th STEP   Minimally Invasive Bloodless Spinal Fusion (percutaneous fusion):
Percutaneous fusion can be an option when spinal instability is main concern due to
major disc herniation with significant disc height loss, degenerative instability or
instability due to birth defect. (Sponylolisthesis).
5th STEP   Open Microsurgical/ surgical Decompression and/or fixation:
done by our surgical specialist when degeneration is very severe or failure of above steps.
» 4. Training – We train interventional pain doctors, spine surgeons from around the World
– Fellowship programs available at CHEERS.